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Torres del Paine Catamaran Service Between Pudeto Jetty and Refugio Paine Grande (which used to be called Refugio Pehoe) (which used to be called Refugio Pehoe)

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This service is subject to local weather conditions and can be delayed or cancelled. Reservations are NOT taken in advance. You need to organise your crossing directly at Pudeto or Refugio Paine Grande. The journey takes about 20mins.

You need to pay in Chilean Pesos even though prices below are shown in USD, but in high season they accept other currencies too (established hard currencies like Euro and USD).
One way is approx USD40 per person / Return fare is less than two singles
(One backpack is included, but USD10 per extra backpack up to 50Kg)

Hielos Patagonias Tel: (+56) - (61) - 241 - 133 
Arrieros 1517 Puerto Natales    
Catamaran Departure Times 2017 - 2018
The crossing takes about 25 minutes    
  From   From
  Pudeto   P Grande
01 Sep  to 31 Oct  11:00hrs   11:35hrs
  18:00hrs   18:35hrs
01 Nov to 30 Nov  09:00hrs   09:35hrs
  11:00hrs   11:35hrs
  18:00hrs   18:35hrs
01 Dec to 28 Feb  *09:00hrs   *09:35hrs
  11:00hrs   11:35hrs
  14:00hrs   14:35hrs
  16:15hrs   17:00hrs
  18:00hrs   18:35hrs
*Note: 25 Dec and 01 Jan these departures do not operate
01 Mar to 31 Mar 09:00hrs   09:35hrs
  11:00hrs   11:35hrs
  16:15hrs   17:00hrs
  18:00hrs   18:35hrs
01 Apr to 30 Apr  11:00hrs   11:35hrs
  18:00hrs   18:35hrs
01 May to 31 Aug  12:00hrs   12:35hrs
Note: Crossing charge approx USD40 per person 
One back pack per person. Extra pack is USD8 

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