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Torres del Paine Road Distances

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Torres del Paine Road Distances
Emergency Petrol (Gasoline)
At the Posada Rio Serrano, next to the Park Admin close to Posada Rio Serrano, there is SOMETIMES a small supply of petrol (gas), but it is always best to ensure that you have a full tank before you leave Puerto Natales. There is also a very small petrol station at Cerro Castillo, but this may be out of supply as it is so small and should not be replied upon.
Routes in to Torres del Paine
The Cueva Milodon Route: from Puerto Natales will lead to the Rio Serrano sector with access to:
Patagonian Camp, Hostel Rio Serrano, Cabanas Paine, Park Admin, Hosteria Lago Grey and Navigation Grey as well as the Explora Hotel, Hosteria Pehoe and Pudeto.
The Cueva Milodon road is accessed by taking the road out of Puerto Natales in the direction towards the airport and Cerro Castillo. After about 10km there will be a LEFT TURN to “Cueva Milodon”. This road leads to the Milodon Cave and then continues into the Rio Serrano sector of TDP and will take about one hour to drive the distance between Puerto Natales and Rio Serrano.
The Cerro Castillo Route: via the border village of Cerro Castillo, is better to get to Mirador del Payne, Estancia Cerro Guido, Laguna Amarga and Hosteria Las Torres. Explora Hotel, Hosteria Pehoe and Pudeto can also be reached on this route.
Approximate Road Distances in Kilometres (km) Between Points in and
around Torres del Paine (TDP) National Park Chile

Punta Arenas > Laguna Amarga in Torres del Paine (TDP) – 370km (5hrs drive)
Punta Arenas > Puerto Natales – 254km (3hrs drive)
Puerto Natales > TDP Laguna Amarga – 115km (2hrs to drive)
Puerto Natales > TDP Rio Serrano (newest route via Milodon Cave road) – 73km (1hr to drive)
Puerto Natales > Cerro Castillo (border village): 58km 
Cerro Castillo (border village) >
Hosteria Mirador del Payne Junction: 27km
Hosteria Mirador del Payne: 55km
Estancia Cerro Guido Junction: 34km
Estancia Cerro Guido: 46km
Laguna Amarga: 57km
Hosteria Las Torres: 67km
Laguna Azul: 62km
Pudeto: 72km
Hosteria Pehoe: 80km
Hotel Explora Salto Chico: 83km
TDP Park Admin. & CONAF Centre: 93km
Sector Serrano: 100km
Hosteria Lago Grey: 111km
Puerto Natales via Milodon Road >
Patagonia Camp: 68km
Sector Serrano: 73km
Serrano Entrance: 73km
TDP Park admin. & CONAF Centre: 74km
Hosteria Lago Grey: 108km
Estancia Cerro Guido >
Hosteria Lago Grey: 92km
TDP Park admin. & CONAF Centre: 74km
Laguna Amarga: 40km
TDP Park admin. & CONAF Centre >
Laguna Amarga: 45km
Hosteria Las Torres: 55km
Hotel Explora Salto Chico: 10km
Hosteria Pehoe: 13km
Hosteria Lago Grey: 18km
Sector Serrano (Hotel Rio Serrano): 8km
Torres del Paine Circuit and “W” Trekking Routes
Quick Reference Distances & Approx Hiking Times
Hosteria Las Torres > Ref Chileno 5.5km (2hrs)
Ref Chileno > Campsite Las Torres 3.2km (1.5hrs)
Campsite Las Torres > “Mirador” Base Las Torres 0.8km (45min)
Refugio Chileno to the Mirador = 2hrs 15min (don’t forget the return back down to Refugio Las Torres). Allow for 1hr to rest and see the view too.
Refugio Las Torres to the Mirador = 4hrs 15min (don’t forget the return back down and the rest time of around 1hr)
Hosteria Las Torres > Campsite Serron 8.9km (4hrs)
Campsite Serron > Ref Dickson 18.5km (6hrs)
Ref Dickson > Campsite Los Perros 8.7km (4.5hrs)
Campsite Los Perros > Campsite Paso 12km (5.5hs)
Campsite Paso > Campsite Los Guardas 6km (2.5hrs)
Campsite Los Guardas > Ref Grey 4km (1.5hrs)
*Best to note trekking times and not distance. Distances may be short, but trekking times reflect the difficulty of the trail.
Ref Grey > Ref Paine Grande 11km (3.5hrs)
Ref Paine Grande > Campsite Italiano 7.6km (2.5hrs) (French Valley)
Campsite Italiano > Campsite Britanico 5.5km (2.5hrs) (French Valley)
Campsite Italiano > Ref Los Cuernos 5.5km (2.5hrs)
Ref Los Cuernos > Hosteria or Refugio Las Torres 11km (4.5hrs)

To go from Refugio / Cabanas Los Cuernos to Refugio Paine Grande (or in reverse) via the French Valley you need to allow for up to 10hrs including making to the end of the French Valley. Of course you can cut this short and then the time will be less. Cutting out the French Valley totally, makes the trek between Cuernos and Paine Grande only 4.5hrs.

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