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Honeymoon Torres del Paine Patagonia
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Note that should you reserve with us any of the all-inclusive options (minimum of 4 nights) or cruise options below, we will give you a free night in any hotel in Chile or Argentina, for two people in one room, to the maximum value of USD250 for the night. We will also NOT charge our admin fee for these reservations.

Honeymoon Hotel Definition
Our idea of a “honeymoon” hotel is an establishment that offers a certain “wow” factor that has some or all of the following attributes: nice beds, good bed linen, general high level of comfort, special views, attentive service, good facilities, good food and the all important “romantic” atmosphere – but not “trashy” nor “kitsch”. As always, we will work to the budget you supply, however, below are some establishments that we urge you to consider.
We can also arrange a full honeymoon itinerary taking in other parts of Chile and / or Argentina such as: Foz de Iguazu, Salta, Chilean Lake Region, San Pedro de Atacama, Easter Island, Santiago, Buenos Aires (with Tango show), Chilean wine valleys, Valparaiso and other destinations.
Hotel Explora Salto Chico Torres del Paine
Without doubt the best hotel and overall product in Torres del Paine. Superb quality room accommodation with direct and stunning views out to the Central Massif, innovative interior architecture, great restaurant with nice wines and the other guests will be people of your cultural level. All excursions with informative, bilingual guides: transport in large, modern vehicles; use of the excellent hotel swimming lane and outdoor Jacuzzis; horse riding, glacier grey navigation – it’s all here. Pick up and return transfers from point of arrival and to departure are also included. Minimum nights is 4.
Hosteria Las Torres Torres del Paine
Located in the heart of Torres del Paine and on the meeting point of the main “W” trail and “Circuit” trail. Renovated in recent years this hotel offers comfortable accommodation, an excellent exhibition room depicting the history and culture of the area, guided excursions, transport, all meals and options to horse ride. Pick up and return transfers from point of arrival and to departure. If the Explora is out of your reach, Hosteria Las Torres makes for a good alternative. Minimum nights is 3.
Hotel Remota Puerto Natales
A clone of the Explora product is the Remota product, based in Puerto Natales. Designed along the same innovative lines at the Explora hotel the Remota offers an all-inclusive service including transfers, excursions with bilingual guides, all meals and pick up and return transfers from point of arrival and to departure. Bedrooms are spacious, modern and innovative with nice views to either Puerto Natales or the tranquil Sound of Last Hope. Excursions are offered into Torres del Paine on a daily basis. Minimum Nights is 3.
Hotel Indigo Puerto Natales
Located by the port area and only 4 blocks from the central plaza. Indigo is a superbly designed modern, minimalist- boutique hotel that is unique in its design and ambience. The bedrooms are open-plan with free-standing wash basin in one area enabling a full view to the beds whilst you brush your teeth! Adjacent to the wash basin is the shower room with rain shower and a simple, minimalist WC which is partitioned by its own wall and door. Rooms are not particularly spacious, but they are cozy with nice views to the Ultima Esperanza Sound from the rooms on that side and views to the village on the other. The best feature of this property is the roof spa and massage rooms. On a nice day it is a luxurious treat to use the roof-top Jacuzzis and watch the beauty of the sun go down over the mountains beyond the Ultima Esperanza Sound with a glimpse of the snowy peaks of Torres del Paine also visible on a clear day in the far distance. An excellent restaurant adjoins the hotel on the ground floor. Minimum nights is 4 and includes pick up at Punta Arenas, all meals, full day into TDP, one day navigation along the Ultima Esperanza Fiord and massage upon return, and return transfer to Punta Arenas.
Australis Cruise
The Australis operates two cruise routes in Patagonia. One is Ushuaia to Punta Arenas and the other is Punta Arenas to Ushuaia. With your own private cabin, this is a superb honeymoon option. Sailing through scenic Patagonian channels and fiords, admiring the native marine fauna (penguins, seals maybe whales), dining on board and enjoying delicious cuisine and fine wines. A perfect Patagonian “mini cruise” either on its own or joined to the rest of the itinerary.
Skorpios III
The Skorpios is another marine option that offers the “romantic” factor plus a cozy cabin, stunning Patagonian scenery, fresh air, fine dining, good wines and one of those unique experiences. This is a really great way to see the fantastic natural Patagonian channels, fiords, waterfalls, glaciers and inlets as well as the abundant variety of marine fauna and native flora and fauna on the mainland. Sailing through the some of the same channels that Charles Darwin and other early explorers passed through, you will be able to enjoy the warm comforts on board an “intimate-style” ship and also be able to get up close to glacial faces and icebergs as well as enjoy informed lectures about what you will see. Among the sights will be a number of glaciers including the massive Pio X1 Glacier, which is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, covering an area of 1,243km (larger than Santiago de Chile) with a 6km-wide face measuring 75m in height and stretching back 64km! You will also get an opportunity to see Dolphins, Lilly Ducks, Cormorants, Black-Necked Swans and other beautiful and amazing marine life.

If you and your new wife like serene, mind-blowing, beautiful scenery and raw nature then a cruise to the Antarctic is also something for serious consideration. We offer three different styles of cruise ships and combinations of ship and flight to the South Shetland Islands in the area of the Antarctic Peninsula. We work with these Antarctic cruise suppliers because they offer a personal touch: Antarctic Dream, Antarctica XXI. The ships are of good quality, comfortable and “cosy”. However, there is one ship operated by the Norwegian company Hurtigruten, which is a different style. It is a larger ship than the other two, with a higher passenger capacity, but offering a top level of service and comfort in line with what is expected from a top Scandinavian cruise ship operator. Please check out our specialist Antarctica cruise web site: www.antarctica-cruises.org

The above are only ideas, but we know of many more and have the experience to build for you a great honeymoon travel experience.


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