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Torres del Paine W Trek Circuit Information and Programs


Note: We can make torres del paine w trek reservations in all the torres del paine refugios as well as hotels in Puerto Natales, hotels in Punta Arenas, hotels in torres del paine, hotels in El Calafate and any other excursion such as to Perito Moreno Glacier, Grey Glacier, kayak, ice hiking – whatever you need we can arrange it.

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All regular buses from Puerto Natales pass by Laguna Amarga (and Pudeto and the ADMIN). Laguna Amarga is 7km from Las Torres (1.5hr trek, unless you take the shuttle bus, for which there is a very low charge). Shuttle buses run regularly between Laguna Amarga and the area for Hosteria Las Torres, Refugio Las Torres Norte and Central. Refugio Chileno is a 1.5hr hike from Refugio Las Torres.
Note: Ref Paine Grande used to be called Refugio Pehoe, but is often shown as Pehoe on maps.
Warning: Weather can change in an instant in Torres del Paine. Take the right clothes for cold wind and wet weather, sturdy walking boots, extra food and water, and a torch.
Currency: There is an entrance fee to pay to enter Torres del Paine and this will need to be paid in Chilean Pesos – equal to approx USD30 per person. Payment for all extras at the refugios will also be required in Chilean Pesos. Chile has a modern network of ATM machines called Red Bank located in many areas (banks, supermarkets, pharmacy, gas stations) in villages, towns and cities. It is easy to use a debit or credit card to get local currency cash out BUT NOT within Torres del Paine so ensure you have enough CASH with you before entering the park. More refugios are now accepting credit cards too (but do not rely on this).
Trekking Accommodation Options in TDP
The most comfortable way to hike the principal trails in TDP is to stay in the sheltered refugios. 
Refugio Accommodation
What you get is a bed within a dormitory-style set up, shared, but segregated shower rooms. You CAN rent sleeping bags and in SOME refugios it is possible to also rent sheets, pillows and a duvet for which you will need to pay extra. TAKE A TOWEL, SOAP AND SHAMPOO.
Refugios Las Torres Central and Norte
These two refugios are located 800mt from the HOSTERIA Las Torres. Refugio Las Torres Norte is then 150mt north of the Refugio Las Torres Central.
Cabanas & Refugio Los Cuernos
These are A-framed cabins with two beds. The Cabanas Cuernos are located 80mts from the Refugio Los Cuernos. Meals can be taken at the refugio.
Beside each refugio are camping areas. These camping sites ARE SERVICED and offer bathroom (toilet) facilities, tent rental, ground mattress rental, food supplies and sheltered cooking areas. Camping areas NOT next to a refugio are only camping areas and nothing more than that.
Other Information
You would be advised to consider asking us to reserve accommodation in Puerto Natales the night before you start your trek and the night of the day you end your trek. Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine is approx 2hrs on the old road or 1hr to the ADMIN on the new road that passes by the Milodon cave. Punta Arenas from Puerto Natales is approx 3hrs. We can also organise accommodation and tours in El Calafate.
Torres del Paine Food, Sleeping Bags, Ground Mattress & Tent Rental
Food: You will need to pay for food separately when you are at the refugios unless you have booked full board in advance (and most people do so). The cost for meals varies from refugio to refugio, but to give you an idea herewith are some typical rates charged for food, with the local currency converted to USD for convenience, but Chilean pesos is the normal currency accepted.
Approx prices: Breakfast USD12 / Box Lunch USD15 / Hot Dinner USD20
Sleeping Bag, Tent and Ground Mattress: All the refugios offer sleeping-bag rental, when available, and in most cases a soft ground sheet or mattress.
The catamaran operates between Pudeto (no accommodation here) and Refugio Paine Grande. NO previous reservations are accepted and it costs approx USD30 per person, each way. Take Chilean Pesos.
Glacier Grey Navigation
This operates from Hosteria Lago Grey and offers excursions to see the Glacier Grey, but ALSO drops off and collects people at Refugio Grey.
Clothes to Take
Try to bring LAYERS of breathable clothes that can be taken off or put on easily to adapt to any change in weather. Clothes such as:
·         A breathable under vest, breathable DRY FIT over vest or t-shirt, or long-sleeved (NOT COTTON because the material needs to dry quickly)
·         Breathable top such as a fleece.
·         Then a waterproof WINDBREAKER, BREATHABLE over jacket.
·         Trousers (or pants if your are American) that are waterproof BUT BREATHABLE (otherwise you will sweat considerably) and, ideally a second pair.
·         Study, but comfortable and WATERPROOF hiking boots with NO SLIP under sole.
·         You will also need a warm hat, gloves, sunglasses, sun-protection cream and a ruck sack.
·         Also Take: A battery-operated torch for when power is out and in case you find yourself trekking later than planned in the dark.
·         Take with you during the trek extra water and snacks. Prepare for all weather conditions and dress for the outdoors.
Do NOT go off the trails because if a small incident happen, like a twisted ankle, you may not be found.
Average Temperatures in TDP during the year
Summer (Dec – Jan – Feb) Max + 23.5°c.
Summer (Dec – Jan – Feb) Min + 0.8°c.

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